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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We know how much data privacy is important for you & we really value your privacy. In order to protect your privacy & build a highly trusted & transparent business relationship, we have developed our “Privacy Policy Statement” in order to give a clear vision of how we collect, use, share, and protect your personal information. Please read these privacy policies carefully.

This Privacy Policy Statement is applicable to the processing of all personal information collected by ceptes through its websites (,,, applications (AppExchange), 3rd-party plugins, 3rd-party tools, social media platforms, paid campaigns that may be used to access this website or our services. This privacy policy statement doesn’t apply to any of our customers, partners, external tools that we use, or 3rd-party websites with the ceptes or any of our associate brands. We are not responsible for their privacy policies & highly recommend you go through their privacy policy notes on their respective websites.

About this Privacy Policy Statement

This privacy policy statement includes detailed information about what personal data we may collect, how we may use your personal data, how we protect your personal data, external data sharing, updates to this privacy policy statement, and more.

What Personal Data We May Collect?

We collect information from you while you access this website, fill in any form within the website, register for any of our events (webinars, podcasts, virtual sessions, etc.) through external platforms, visit our booths during events, or subscribe to our newsletter. The information that we collect may include the following personal data: Name, E-mail address, Company, Job Title, Country, or Phone Number.

We may also collect certain information in our logs which may include;

  • Details of how you used our services such as page visits, how you arrived at our pages, the date & time of your request, etc.
  • IP Address
  • Device information including web browser details
  • Cookies that may uniquely identify you or your web browser

How We May Collect Your Personal Data?

We use cookies to help us remember your actions & preferences on our website(s). A cookie is a small piece of data that we transfer to your system’s hard drive through your web browser (only if you allow it). Through this, we recognize your browser & capture certain information. However, we provide you the option to set your own preference to accept or customize cookies when you access our website. ceptes uses your information to improve our website as well as user experience. This information helps us to enhance our services as well as your experience.

We also use web beacons, third-party plugins & web analytics on our website(s) to collect personal data for the same above reasons.

How We May Use Your Personal Data?

We may use your personal data for below reasons/activities:

  • To personalize your experience
  • To improve our product/services
  • To deliver superior customer service
  • To perform billing, auditing, and accounting activities
  • For internal analysis & reporting in order to build new products
  • To send marketing emails regarding our services, virtual or in-person events, company news, announcements & updates, and product offers that may be of interest and to promote our business and brand
  • To administrate our website

We use this information to meet internal policies, we have a legitimate business interest to promote services/improve our services, and we have your consent wherever required & applicable (If you want to withdraw the content, please contact us at

How Do We Protect Your Personal Data?

Your data is our responsibility. We take every possible action to protect your personal data. We have adopted robust administrative, technical, and physical security measures to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, accidental loss, or misuse. 

We use highly secured (Dedicated) servers to keep your personal data. We also use additional security layers on the top of our servers to protect all our personal data. 

We also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) on our website(s) to keep user data secure & prevent attackers.

We retain your personal data for only a limited period of time & delete it after that. The retention period of your personal data depends on our internal policies and also respected compliance laws. Under no condition do we retain any personal data after the specific retention period. 

We immediately delete personal data if you don’t want us to save or communicate with you.

We never share your personal data internally with any other teams. None of our employees will have access to your personal data except the relevant team.

We use a highly secured centralized system to operate our business & all your personal data will reside in our owned & controlled servers. We never store personal data in multiple places.

We take periodic backups of our datasets along with your personal data to avoid any accidental loss.

Personal Data Transfer to External Parties

We never share your personal data with any external parties. However, this doesn’t include our trusted 3rd-party business associates who help us run our business (website managing partner, audit partner, branding partners, and marketing agencies). All these business associates sign legal NDAs along with this Privacy Policy Statement to keep all personal information confidential & secure. However, we ensure very limited data access to our business associates & never keep any personal data on their servers.

We may release your personal data when it is demanded to comply with regulatory compliance laws or internal audits & related policies in order to protect our’s & others’ rights, property, or safety. 

We may transfer your personal data to any other branch of our company in any other country or to a key decision-maker who is working in another country. If we do this, we will protect your personal information in accordance with applicable compliance laws along with this Privacy Policy Statement.

External Tools & Links to Other Websites

While using our website, you may choose to use certain tools for which we have partnered with external business entities. These include social media platforms, live chats, pop-ups, games, geo-location, cookies management tools, event hosting platforms, etc. These tools/platforms work independently and they are not affiliated with ceptes. Occasionally, we give links to other websites to provide additional information, these websites are not associated with us. All these 3rd-party tools or websites may use, store, or share your personal data on the basis of their own privacy policy. We highly recommend you review their privacy policy if you wish to use these tools or links.

Your Consent

By using our website(s), you consent to our online privacy policy.

Updates to This Privacy Policy Statement

We will be reviewing this Privacy Policy Statement periodically and make changes when required. If we are making any significant changes to this Privacy Policy Statement, we will certainly notify you. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this Privacy Policy Statement, please contact us at

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December 2022