Our deep-rooted understanding of Salesforce’s ecosystem and cutting-edge technologies positions us as a reliable partner for companies seeking to develop and optimize their Salesforce-based products.

We help our partners from ideation level to developing the product to launching the product in AppExchange.

We follow agile development methodologies, enabling us to deliver high-quality products with shorter development cycles. This approach ensures flexibility and adaptability throughout the product development lifecycle.

How CEPTES Became the Chosen Partner for the QMS App building

CEPTES is one of those very companies having MSP, SI, PDO, and Cloud Reseller partner having 7+ products listed in Salesforce AppExchange. Our client came to us looking for a capable Product Development Outsource service provider with an idea of creating one QMS (Compliance & quality management system). 

They came up with an idea for developing a QMS (Quality Management Software) where to speed up quality and compliance activities. This native quality solution aims to unify customer data and create a trusted 360-degree view, all within Salesforce. 

With the QMS system we developed, we aimed to address various aspects such as Document Management, Training, Risk Management, Management Reviews, Audits, Batch Control, and more.

As we have years of hands down experience in product development we took up this challenge and created a trusted and widely used QMS brand to our client. With our proven track record our esteemed client got trust in us, and our experts carried over with the project. 

Vision & Challenges faced by client 

The Vision : The vision for our client’s QMS system is comprehensive and forward-thinking. They seek a system that goes beyond traditional complaint management, desiring a platform that harnesses quality data for actionable insights.

This will aid in informed decision-making and proactive quality management. Moreover, seamless integration with existing enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, and MES is a priority to ensure real-time data interoperability.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface is vital for easy adoption across various teams, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity. Scalability and adaptability are key aspects, as the QMS system should grow seamlessly with their business and adapt to evolving regulatory standards without disruptions.

Lastly, efficient compliance management is essential, ensuring not only regulatory adherence but also facilitating smooth reporting to regulatory agencies, ultimately reducing administrative burden.

The Issues-  Our client faced distinctive challenges in turning their vision for an efficient QMS system into reality. Configuring complex workflows that accurately mirrored their intricate business processes and systems proved to be a major hurdle.

The need for tailored, intricate visual workflows added a layer of complexity. Additionally, the stringent security review criteria for AppExchange listing posed a significant challenge. Meeting these criteria comprehensively and efficiently was a demanding task. 

Overcoming these obstacles was essential to ensure a seamless and secure QMS system that aligns with their vision and meets the highest industry standards.

Collaborative Development Process

At CEPTES, collaboration is at the heart of our development process when working with our clients. To create a successful quality management system (QMS) aligned with the client’s vision, we ensured an open and iterative collaboration.


Product Roadmap Creation:


Collaborative brainstorming sessions were held to gather client requirements and expectations. We encouraged input from all stakeholders, aligning the product roadmap with the client’s vision. Multiple iterations and feedback loops ensured a refined and comprehensive product roadmap.

Development Stages:

Our development process involved iterative stages, each requiring collaboration and feedback. We provided regular updates, demos, and prototypes, allowing the client to visualize the evolving QMS. This iterative approach allowed for adjustments, aligning the product with the client’s expectations at each stage.

Security Reviews:

Security being a top priority, we engaged in a collaborative security review process. We included the client’s security team to align with their existing security standards and protocols. Continuous collaboration ensured that the QMS met industry-leading security benchmarks and addressed any concerns comprehensively.

Key Features of the our QMS App 

For a successful Quality Management System (QMS), CEPTES focused on key product features to meet the client’s vision and needs.

Quality Data and Actionable Insights: Our QMS excels in providing quality data and actionable insights. By leveraging advanced analytics and data processing, it offers comprehensive views of quality metrics, enabling data-driven decisions. This feature empowers businesses to identify trends, potential risks, and areas for improvement, ensuring product quality and consumer safety.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Our QMS ensures seamless compliance by enabling electronic regulatory reporting, saving time and reducing administrative burdens while keeping up with evolving standards.

Integration of Quality across the Enterprise: Our QMS seamlessly integrates with various enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and MES. This integration ensures real-time interoperability among all systems, centralizing quality-related data and processes. 

Document Management: Our QMS ensures documents are organized and easily accessible, fostering a structured approach to information handling.

Training Management: Efficiently track and manage training, empowering your workforce with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Risk Management: Comprehensive assessment tools aid in identifying and mitigating potential risks, safeguarding your business interests.

Management Review: Conduct productive managerial evaluations, optimizing operations for enhanced performance and growth.

Audit Management: Streamline audits, maintain compliance, and ensure operational transparency with our QMS.

Batch Control: Exercise precision in monitoring and controlling production batches, ensuring consistent quality and compliance.

Multi-language Support: Break language barriers with our QMS, making it accessible and user-friendly for a diverse audience.

Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems, enabling efficient data exchange and utilization across platforms.

Real-time Analytics: Gain instant access to actionable insights, empowering data-driven decisions and strategic planning.

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a smooth and intuitive interface, promoting ease of use and boosting overall user satisfaction.

Client’s Success Milestone

Our client achieved remarkable success post-launch, with our QMS product receiving high praise and gaining widespread recognition on the AppExchange platform. The product garnered positive reviews from users and industry experts alike, validating its effectiveness and value in the market. The successful listing on AppExchange significantly boosted the client’s brand visibility and credibility, positioning them as an innovative and reliable provider of quality management solutions.

User Benefits from our product 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Users experienced streamlined complaint management processes, reducing manual effort and improving operational efficiency. The automation and intuitive interface of the QMS accelerated their workflows, allowing them to focus on core quality management activities.

Improved Compliance and Reporting:

The QMS enabled users to effortlessly comply with regulatory standards and generate compliance reports. It simplified compliance-related activities, providing a structured approach to meet reporting requirements, thereby saving time and ensuring adherence to industry regulations.

Real-time Data Insights:

Users benefited from real-time actionable insights derived from quality data. The system’s advanced analytics empowered users to make informed decisions swiftly, improving their proactive quality management and response to quality-related issues.

Seamless Integration and Interoperability:

The product’s seamless integration with existing enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, and MES led to enhanced data interoperability. Users could effortlessly access and integrate quality data across the organization, promoting better collaboration and synchronized decision-making.

At CEPTES, we’re passionate about crafting exceptional products for our clients and ensuring they effortlessly unlock the advantages. Do you have a product vision? Partner with us, and we’ll turn your vision into a reality, enabling you to showcase your innovation on AppExchange and drive revenue. Your dream product, our expertise in action!