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How a certified Salesforce PDO can help with Salesforce security review




May 20, 2024

Today, data security is a primary concern for every business entity as well as individuals. As cyber threats continue to evolve, organizations must stay ahead by implementing effective security protocols. Salesforce being the No.1 CRM platform is very strict with security review. Every application available on the AppExchange undergoes a rigorous security review before being made accessible to the public. This review process is pivotal in upholding the integrity of customer information and ensuring the highest standards of security.

With over 11 million installs, 8000+ ready-to-install solutions, and an impressive 100,000+ reviews, Salesforce AppExchange boasts a vast array of applications and solutions that have successfully met Salesforce’s stringent security criteria. However, Salesforce security review is a rigorous and complicated procedure and passing the Salesforce data security review in the first attempt is extremely difficult.

Whether you’re developing an app or listing a service on the AppExchange platform, mastering the Salesforce security review is a crucial step to see your product LIVE on the platform. This is where a certified Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) like CEPTES plays a pivotal role in bolstering security measures.

Understanding Salesforce Security

The comprehensive Salesforce security model is designed to protect data at various levels. From user authentication and access control to encryption and monitoring – Salesforce provides a robust framework to safeguard sensitive information. However, configuring and managing these security features require specialized knowledge and expertise.

How Does Salesforce Security Review Work?

For Salesforce, data protection is non-negotiable. The process begins with submitting the application through the Salesforce Partner Console. However, before initiating an App Exchange security review, perform your own testing and gather all the necessary documents required for the assessment. The steps are as follows:

1. Submit Your App:

The first step involves submitting your Salesforce package or application for security review through the Salesforce Partner Console. ISVs are required to submit various documents alongside their packaged applications, including code scan reports from approved vendors.

2. Pre-Review Check:

Salesforce conducts a pre-review check to ensure that your submission meets basic requirements and guidelines. For applications featured on the AppExchange, it’s mandatory to conduct a Checkmarx code scan on your packaged metadata. This scanner provides a comprehensive report, identifying security vulnerabilities and their severity levels.

3. Security Review:

The security review process involves a thorough examination of your application’s security features, code, and overall architecture. This includes assessing vulnerabilities, data protection measures, and compliance with Salesforce security standards.

4. Documentation Review:

Alongside the technical assessment, Salesforce reviews your application’s documentation, including security policies, data handling procedures, and user guides.

5. Feedback and Remediation:

After the review, you receive feedback detailing any issues or areas for improvement. You are then responsible for addressing these concerns and making necessary changes to your application. Once remediation is complete, you can resubmit your app for further review if needed.

The Role of a Certified Salesforce PDO

As a certified Salesforce PDO, CEPTES brings specialized skills and knowledge to the table, particularly in the realm of security. With 90% Salesforce-certified consultants and a 4.9/5 CSAT Score, organizations can rest assured that their Salesforce implementation adheres to best practices and industry standards.

As you’re navigating through the Security Review process, get your ISV partner agreement fully sorted. Until it’s fully signed, the submit button for security review will not be active, even if you have all the documents ready.

According to a report by IDC, organizations that leverage certified Salesforce PDOs experience a 50% reduction in security incidents compared to those without specialized expertise (source: IDC, 2023).

How CEPTES can help you to pass the security review:

Navigating through the Salesforce security review process can be a challenging but essential endeavor for any Salesforce developer or partner. Here’s what we do to ensure your application successfully passes the security review:


1. Having a security strategy in place:

Having a robust and comprehensive security strategy is a must throughout the Salesforce AppExchange app development cycle. At Ceptes, we begin by thoroughly understanding Salesforce’s security requirements and guidelines. Our team ensures that your application aligns with these standards right from the start, minimizing the chances of rejections during the review process.


2. Expert Implementation of Secure Coding Practices:

With Ceptes, you benefit from our expertise in implementing secure coding practices tailored to Salesforce environments. From robust parameterized queries to meticulous input validation, we fortify your application against common vulnerabilities like SQL injection and XSS, ensuring a secure user experience.


3. Advanced Data Encryption and Handling Solutions:

Ceptes specializes in implementing advanced data encryption techniques, both in transit and at rest. Our comprehensive data handling procedures not only safeguard sensitive information but also ensure compliance with stringent data protection regulations, bolstering trust and confidence among users.


4. Rigorous Testing Methodologies:

Our dedicated testing methodologies include extensive security testing throughout the development lifecycle. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities early on with Salesforce endorsed security scanners and other methodologies, we mitigate risks and enhance the resilience of your application, setting the stage for a smooth security review process.


5. Detailed Documentation and Compliance Support:

Ceptes provides comprehensive documentation that showcases your application’s security features, data handling processes, and integrations in meticulous detail. This not only expedites the review process but also demonstrates your commitment to security and compliance, enhancing your credibility on the Salesforce AppExchange.


With the increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions like Salesforce, organizations must prioritize security to protect their valuable information. By partnering with a certified Salesforce PDO like CEPTES, businesses can enhance their Salesforce security posture, reduce the risk of data breaches, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Remember, investing in Salesforce security is not just about protecting data; it’s about safeguarding your organization’s reputation and fostering trust with your customers. With us, you can rest assured that your Salesforce implementation is fortified against evolving cyber threats.

If you’re ready to take your Salesforce security to the next level, reach out to us for a demo today and embark on a journey towards a safer, more secure Salesforce environment.



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